Becoming a Maskcara Artist-being vulnerable as an Esthetician

The decision to become a Maskcara Artist was a heavily weighted one.  I for eleven years loathed anything direct sale or MLM as a licensed Esthetician.  So, I immediately said a hard NO when I was first approached with Maskcara. I will say their videos and promotional marketing intrigued me. The makeup looked beautiful. The before and afters were spot on.  It was everything condensed and simple.  Ultimately, this was a route I never looked into.  

Estheticians are a close knit group.  We support each ones growth and education. We put a lot into our license with time for research, service selections, and choice of product lines. However, MLM is not seen as an acceptable route taken nor generally spoke of. Oddly enough I was approached by an Esthetician about Maskcara, and so my interest was immediately peaked.

However, I remained very hesitant, and so I took the whole month to just follow her on Instagram and Facebook.  All the while thinking how much my business was steadily affected by social media sales.  I was honestly searching and praying that I would find an avenue for this type of online sales and presence, as I already had a platform.  I took a hard blow when my main makeup line sent me a letter in January telling me I had to sign a contract to meet a large monthly wholesale minimum as a solo practitioner.  The large overhead wasn't sustainable for me.

I started to research the Maskcara line from the creator to the various products. I was shocked when I saw Cara, the creator, was a makeup artist and beauty blogger I had followed in the past!  The products were customizable, beautiful, and so affordable. The IIID(3D) foundation consisted of 4 basic steps:  choice of highlight, contour, blush, and illuminator.  All the steps combined equal a light, but full coverage look that blends together creating a glowing complexion in minutes. Lastly, the company itself was founded upon someone like me, a mom with small children that wants to give them the most of my time available. The concept is, what if you could have both, time and enhanced beauty?  Sometimes those few minutes to put yourself together really help you face the day! The company's core belief tugged at my heartstrings!



If it came down to choosing a beautiful life or a flawless face, our choice would be a beautiful life every time.  But wouldn't it be great if you could have both?

The arrow kept pointing to MASKCARA.  I just knew it all happened for a reason, so I took the leap of faith. I bought my Pro Kit without even trying the line first...... I have spent thousands of more dollars on makeup for my studio then buying this kit.  What did I really have to lose?

Forward 2 months:  I can honestly say this has been one of the best additions to my business, PERIOD! My clients are loving it!  My previous beliefs about direct sales were wrong.  I don't have to sign up preferred customers or make every purchaser an artist for discount. Now I just simply sell makeup.  I can enroll artists under me which is fabulous because I love educating and helping others succeed as part of a team and not a competition!  I believe this match with my biz was as organic and authentic as things get.  At the end of the day I know this helps put my family first! I know that concept would only be encouraged by people who cared for me.

Listed below are the other advantages of this artist program:

  • Maskcara sales are enlightening and freeing. I handle NO INVENTORY!  I have only my kit to refill as needed.  I just have to color match and makeover my clients and friends.  I simply enter the order, and Maskcara corporate handles the purchase transaction and SHIPS directly to the client!  I am too busy at work and home that I don't have time for postage and mailing. 
  • Maskcara is giving me the flexibility to have more TIME and freedom for family with less stress.  By simply using my virtual Maskcara office,  I can perfectly and easily manage my business accounts from anywhere.  This personalized webpage is obtained upon enrolling as an artist, as well as use of an App from my phone.
  • I can do makeovers at home or just add them when I'm at work along with my clients facial, lash, or tan service!
  • The pay structure is great with unbeatable incentives.  I am rewarded monthly based on my sales with up to $500 in free makeup, as well as getting 50% off items.  I can use these free or discounted items for my own makeup, to refill my kit, or GIVEAWAYS to clients!  I'm not reinvesting my actual pay at all. Besides your basic commission you also acquire bonuses based on total volume monthly sales up to 40% .  This truly provides a great supplemental or full time income depending on your approach.  
  • The products are beautiful, simple, and multi-functional.  For instance the brushes are dual ended, with options of various pigmented creme to be used as a blush or lipstick, and so forth. The marketing materials are so elegant and on trend.  Who doesn't love marble and rose gold!
  • The mission and sisterhood of the other artists truly elevates the experience.  WE share, help, mentor, and Cara, herself, does a weekly live feed.  They take our suggestions, troubleshoot, and keep us up to speed on all things current and NEW!  Our app notifies us daily of stock updates and new products. Frankly, the pure fun of it all and renewed entrepreneurial spirit is just something that I have so much enjoyed.  A commonality of all these virtual friends that love helping women FEEL beautiful.  
  • Plus, VEGAS convention this August where we will have training, all the new goodies, and again, each other.  
Magnetic customizable Maskcara makeup tins

Magnetic customizable Maskcara makeup tins

Now, I feel like that spammy direct sales person.  Weirdly, I can't help it.  I feel like I shouldn't share this amazing opportunity, but as I wear my heart on my sleeve, I certainly will!  I would love to partner, mentor, and share this opportunity with you!  Please email me with any question, and we can chat. This truly is a fit for any beauty pro, makeup artist, makeup lover, mom, or any other person that wants this unique opportunity. I posted my link below for all other info and where you can sign up and view the two initial kit options to enroll.  Email me with further questions or inquiries to

Maskcara's Mission: Maskcara is redefining the makeup routine, and we want you to join our team of artists. We believe that makeup should enhance a beautiful face, not cover it up. We believe that women are more beautiful (inside and out) than they give themselves credit for. We are looking for women to join us on our mission to change that.

As an artist you can earn up to 40% commission on your sales, as well as team bonuses and have insider access to projects we’re working on behind the scenes. You’ll be able to grow your business and we’ll be here to help. We offer you the training and support to get started and increase your reach.


Take care of your family and you!

Your Esty Besty,


Licensed Esthetician, RN